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Northway Clinic provides professional high-class proctology services, effectively solving all kinds of complaints from patients. The clinic detailed and understandable advice from a proctologist, fast and accurate proctological examination and treatment with state-of-the-art equipment – in other words, everything required to restore our patients’ life satisfaction.

High-class Proctology Service to Improve Patients’ Quality of Life

Do you experience discomfort when going to the toilet? Has any of your relatives suffered from haemorrhoids or other intestinal diseases? Do you suffer from frequent constipation or diarrhoea? Perhaps you are overweight? Do you have a sedentary lifestyle, or on the contrary, does your daily life involves intense physical exertion including lifting weights? Are you planning a pregnancy, or already expecting a baby, or just given birth? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, it’s time to give your health serious consideration and to visit a proctologist.

The specialists at Northway Clinic provide a thorough and accurate examination, followed by complex and effective treatment. The clinic guarantees discretion and the greatest possible degree of empathy and understanding.

Remember, a proctologist is a doctor just like any other, and there is no need for shyness here. Instead take care of your health and don’t put off seeing a specialist! Seeing a doctor in good time can avert serious health problems!

Proctology Services at the Northway Clinic

Northway Clinic offers a wide range of proctology services to treat a wide range of proctological conditions. The latest generation of C02 and diode lasers are used for therapy, which ensures effective results, improving the patient’s quality of life.


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The Northway Clinic treats the following ailments:
  • rectal polyps,
  • anal fissures (cracks and tears in the folds of the anus),
  • proctitis (acute inflammation of the anus),
  • paraproctitis (inflammation of the soft tissue around the anus),
  • neoplasms of the rectum,
  • incontinence of faeces or flatulence,
  • other diseases of the rectum and colon and their surrounding tissues,
  • hemorrhoidal diseases, regardless of their degree of development,
  • itching and perianal dermatitis,
  • rectal and perianal scars,
  • sinus pilonidal or inflammation of the epithelial passages of the coccyx,
  • skin tag or excess skin around the anus (for example, after operations),
  • all kinds of aesthetic problems of the perineum.
When should you seek the services of a proctologist?

It is highly advisable to make an appointment for a consultation with a proctologist if at least one of the following symptoms has been observed:

  • discomfort – tingling, pain or itching – in the area of the anus, which is or is not related to bowel movements,
  • purulent or mucous discharge, bleeding during defecation,
  • a mixture of blood in the stool,
  • the appearance of formations in the anus area,
  • sensation of a foreign body in the rectum,
  • difficult bowel movement,
  • incontinence of faeces or flatulence,
  • changes in the number of bowel movements,
  • frequent constipation or diarrhoea.