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Quality and safety are Northway Clinic’s top priorities

Northway Clinic operates in accordance with the quality management system, the compliance of which with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 has been confirmed by the international certification body DVN GL – Business Assurance.

Compliance with this certificate confirms that quality and safety are the most important priorities that Northway Clinic implements in the provision of services, communication with patients, in the clinic environment and equipment, as well as in building a team of specialists.

Strict monitoring of service quality 

Northway Clinic as a high-level reproductive medicine facility that pays undivided attention to each patient, has put quality and safety in the basis of every service it provides, from preventive health examinations, laboratory and diagnostic examinations to outpatient and inpatient treatment, surgery and rehabilitation, and other reproductive medicine services.

In its quality management system, Northway Clinic has identified the processes required to provide healthcare in line with regulatory and patient requirements. In order to not only meet patient requirements, but even exceed their expectations, these processes take place in several stages, from planning, management and monitoring to internal audit and improvement. Northway Clinic has also implemented processes, including service quality and safety improvement processes, criteria and indicators, the achievement of which is constantly monitored and, if necessary, improved.

How does Northway Clinic take care of health care safety?  

  • Northway Clinic uses the most modern and safest medical equipment, which, combined with the long-term professional experience, knowledge, and skills of highly qualified specialists, allows the clinic to offer the most effective customized solution to each patient. Northway Clinic performs maintenance of medical equipment in strict accordance with legal and manufacturer requirements.
  • Northway Clinic also has introduced an infection prevention and management program, which is being developed and regularly updated in accordance with World Health Organization recommendations and world’s best practice.
  • Northway Clinic uses sterile and disposable materials, carefully controlling the expiration date of reagents and working tools. After the expiration date, the materials are disposed of.
  • Northway Clinic strictly monitors the compliance of the facility’s premises with the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. The air in the clinic is filtered with HEPA filters, which prevent small particles such as viruses, gas molecules and bacteria from entering the air. It is very important, as the treatment of cells exposed to the environment must take place in a sterile environment with air of adequate quality, to minimize the risk of contamination. The effectiveness of hygiene measures is confirmed and regularly controlled.